Mission Statement:


Stayfit Studio is dedicated to providing a positive environment for instructors and students alike in the pursuit of dance, ZUMBA® Fitness, and yoga. Designated in the art of specialty disciplines. 



Our studio aim to create an environment of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through classes that will include ZUMBA® FITNESS DANCE and other music/movement related classes. We also offer Yoga the art of discipline and meditation. 

Objective Goal:


The objective of our studio is to have fun; focus on fitness and heath. Then schedule special events that will benefit our community, and its local charity organizations, in promoting network of social interaction and awareness to our community. 




A commitment to provide service, facility, programs  to inspire our customers to meet their maximum potential.


Mutual Respect

Offer a welcoming environment that treats all people as individuals in a courteous, friendly, fair, helpful and respectful manner.




Create an environment that values, embraces, and enriches individual differences by providing services, and staff that reflects the diversity of the Institute.


Healthy Lifestyle


Enhance our customer's physical and emotional well being by developing and appreciation of physical fitness and promoting a life-long commitment to healthy living.


Customer Service


Consistently meet or exceed the needs of the community. We serve by providing an environment that values our customers. Providing clean and safe facility, that is accessible and user friendly to our customers.

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